Pentarch Forestry™ Premier Solid Overlay Flooring™

Seamless integration. Timeless elegance.

Premier Solid Overlay Flooring™

Pentarch Forestry™ Premier Solid Overlay Flooring™ is a 14mm thick non-structural solid hardwood tongue and groove strip flooring profile designed for installation over a solid structural subfloor.

Precision-milled to widths of either 80mm, 130mm, or 180mm, it ensures versatility in design options. Tongue and groove joints guarantee a continuous and stable surface.

Moreover, it’s designed without underside glue grooves, enhancing surface area contact between the timber and the subfloor, thus promoting better adhesion.

Features and Benefits

Enjoyed for Generations
14mm Thickness for Perfect Covering
Aesthetically Pleasing
Australian Made
Sustainably Sourced
Organic Insulator

Application and Use

  • Residential Buildings
  • Internal Decorative Features
  • Stairs

Profile and Dimensions


  • 80 x 14mm
  • 130 x 14mm
  • 180 x 14mm

Board Lengths

  • Lengths 900mm to 3600mm


The availability of some species is state specific and not all species are available in all sizes and grades. Some additional species may be available on request.

Available Species

Our Solid Overlay Flooring provides a lifetime of enjoyment.


  • Standard and Better Grade
  • Natural Grade

Visit the Timber Grading page for further information.

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