Pentarch Forestry™ Structural Softwood

Strength perfected: structural softwood timber, kiln-dried and precision graded.

Structural Softwood

Pentarch Forestry™ Structural Softwood timber products undergo kiln drying, precise gauging, and machine stress grading to guarantee dimensional stability, straightness, and structural reliability.

Ideal for dry, protected building applications (not exposed to weather or dampness), such as wall frames, trusses, and sub-floor construction, where enhanced resistance against termite damage is sought.

Features and Benefits

Cost Effective

Seasoned structural softwood is easy to work with and a cost-effective building material making it popular for residential and commercial building purposes including roof, wall and floor framing and applications.


Pentarch Forestry’s structural softwood timber products are produced from Radiata Pine which is grown in sustainably managed plantation forests in central NSW.

Checked and Graded

Each piece of timber is checked and characteristics are graded to the appropriate grade and stamped with the MGP grade.

Application and Use

  • Suitable for dry, protected building application such as wall frames, trusses and sub-floor construction.
  • Indoors
  • Above Ground


  • Untreated


  • Softwood

Profile and Dimensions

Board Thickness

  • 70 x 35mm
  • 90 x 35mm
  • 70 x 45mm
  • 90 x 45mm

Board Lengths

  • 900mm – 6000mm


  • MGP10
  • MGP12
  • MGP15 (35mm end section only)

Architect Information

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