Logistics and Exports

Pentarch Logistics, formerly known as Australian Marshalling Services,
was established in 1996.

Pentarch Logistics, formerly known as Australian Marshalling Services, was established in 1996 to provide portside storage, quality control, measurement and logistics solutions for the export of log and allied wood products within Australia.

Since inception, the business has operated across all Australian states and territories, handling in excess of 20 million cubic metres of woodchip and logs.


The majority of this volume has been shipped in bulk vessels, however, container loading and handling has also become a significant aspect of our business.

We recently expanded operations to include the provision of toll woodchipping services at our Burnie woodchip facility in Tasmania. Pentarch Logistics also operates the Eden woodchip facility in New South Wales.

Logistics key services

Pentarch Logistics is an integrated service provider. Our key specialities are toll woodchipping, log marshalling and transport logistics services for both break bulk and container exports.

Our services comprise:

  • Unloading log trucks.
  • Quality control – ensuring logs received meet grade specifications.
  • Measuring (scaling) of logs and database recording.
  • Safe and efficient log yard management to facilitate export trade.
  • Transporting product to port stockpile or shipside for loading by stevedores.
  • Facilitating requirements of both local and international customers to efficiently handle product.
  • Ensuring that accurate records are maintained to facilitate chain of custody requirements.
  • Liaising with customer and their service providers to ensure shiploading is carried out in the most cost-effective manner possible while complying with regulations.


Pentarch Forestry™ can export all commercially grown plantation softwood and hardwood species as whole round logs cut to order. Our exports have comprised Radiata Pine, Douglas Fir, Ponderosa Pine and Eucalyptus Nitens species, grown in Australia and New Zealand.

We can also supply wood fibre in woodchip and lumber. Logs are sold in units of Japanese Agricultural Standard (JAS) cubic metres. Woodchip is produced and tested to SCAN and TAPPI specifications as required by our customers. Pentarch Technical Services measures and ensures compliance with these standards.

Pentarch Forestry key milestones

  • Jul 1993 – First log vessel exported.
  • Jul 2011 – Massy Greene woodchip mill purchased.
  • Dec 2015 – Eden woodchip mill purchased.
  • Aug 2017 – 1000th vessel shipped.
  • Oct 2020 – Pentarch Technical Services NZ purchased.
  • Jul 2021 – Dormit sawmill & pallets processing business acquired.
  • Oct 2021 – Boral Timber business acquired.

Facilities and equipment

Pentarch Logistics has facilities in Burnie (Tasmania) and Eden (New South Wales).

All these sites are registered export facilities which comply with all federal and state WHSE legislation.

We have developed a fleet of specialist wood-handling equipment to meet the requirements of our customers.

Our equipment includes:

  • Wheeled loaders with grabs or buckets.
  • High stacking loaders.
  • Purpose built pick and carry machines.
  • Prime movers and log trailers.
  • Reinforced log excavators for log handling and shiploading.
  • Fully equipped maintenance workshops.
  • A fleet of chip cartage trucks and bins.
  • We use a customised, state-of-the-art log management system which enables users to track product by parcel or by individual item through the entire supply chain.