Fibre Exports

Producing and shipping wood and fibre products from the
Burnie woodchip mill and Eden Timber Optimisation Hub.

Meeting the global demand for wood and fibre products is the focus of Pentarch Forestry’s woodchip mills at Eden, NSW and Burnie, Tasmania. The sites source timber from certified harvesting operations, plantations and private growers for process into a variety of wood products suitable for the manufacture of a full range of paper products.

At Burnie, the primary focus is producing hardwood chips which are exported to international markets. The fibre from hardwood chips is used for high-quality paper products such as fine writing paper, ivory board, box board, coated papers for long-life containers and non-plastic bottles, rayon for clothing as an alternative to polyester.

Plantation softwood, which is processed at Eden as well as hardwood, produces fibre more suitable for hygiene products, food package boards, cardboard packaging and paper shopping bags.

Sawdust and other fine material from the sawing and chipping process, that is typically considered a waste product, is dried and pressed into briquettes at Eden.

Any remaining fine material is transported off-site to be used in composting, animal bedding and as biofuel.

Key services

  • Providing a full suite of mill door to ship loading services to forest owners
  • Producing high quality woodchip in various grades and species to compliment the production of a full range of paper products
  • Ship loading at our specialised woodchip vessel designed wharf
  • Upgrade and sort Veneer and Sawlog from the woodchip log stream
  • Production of high-quality briquettes from sawmilling and woodchipping waste streams
  • Sawdust, fibrous waste and other fine material supply for compost, animal bedding and biofuel

Eden Timber Opimisation Hub

At the Eden Timber Optimisation Hub, the focus is on efficiency and maximising the yield from our precious forest resource.

Facilities include:

  • State-of-the-art mills capable of creating hardwood and softwood woodchips.
  • Purpose-built jetty for loading woodchip vessels via a modern conveyor and jet-slinger system.
  • Automated log-sorting system to retrieve logs for wood pallet production.
  • Briquette plant producing high quality engineered firewood.
  • A fleet of specialised wood-handling equipment.