Timber Species

New England blackbutt is a large Australian hardwood from the tablelands of northern New South Wales and southern Queensland used mainly for general construction.

A commonly grown hardwood that has attractive colouring from cream to pale brown and an occasional tinge of subtle pink

Sought after for its unique properties and aesthetic qualities. A fine and even texture varying from pale pinkish grey to rich reddish brown

Prized for its unique, soft rose tones varying from pale pink to soft reds and red browns. It has a straight grain and the occasional natural scribble pattern.

A blend of various sized hardwoods harvested from coastal regions including blue gum and flooded gum. From pale pinks to deep reds, which when blended in flooring, give any venue a warm and luxurious look.

A stunning array of timber hues from pale brown to dark chocolate brown as well as dark red. The grain is usually interlocked, with a moderately coarse surface texture.

A classic timber with subtle changes of colour from a mix of pale tones of sapwood to the dark, rich red colouring that is unique to the Red Mahogany species.

A soft mottled colour that varies from pale grey browns and soft creams to rich chocolate brown.

A premium native hardwood with a unique palette that ranges from pale brown and golden hues to a light cream with a slightly pink tint.

A highly durable hardwood species. In colour, it varies in hues of reddish brown through to deep chocolate. It has a straight grain and a coarse but evenly textured surface area.

An exceptionally durable hardwood with unique colour and grain structure. It is predominately yellowish brown with a tinge of olive green and beautiful growth rings visible.

A well-known east coast timber. It has a straight grain that is sometimes interwoven. Its distinctive colour varies from soft pinks to dark pinks and red toned browns.

Stringybark is a hardwood timber species used for flooring, decking, heavy construction and structural applications, ranging in colour from light yellow, golden hues through to light browns.