Primary Products

Pallet lumber production

Hardwood pallets are produced by the Dandenong Palletiser, which is a four-station manufacturing process fed by first-grade timber sawn on site and supplied from the Swifts Creek and Eden mills.

Whole, green logs are sawn to the required lumber sizes and the lengths of lumber are then graded for quality and strength, either via an automated laser system or visually by qualified timber graders to identify timber suitable for pallet production.

The lumber is then specifically packed for use at the Palletiser. The packs of lumber enter three stations via a vacuum feed system, which positions the pallet components in the jigs for forming and nailing.

The fourth station is a quality check prior to passing through the paint line and onto the auto stacker. The Palletiser, while automated, is manned at each station to ensure plant performance and quality assurance and has the capacity to produce high-quality pallets at a rate of 200 pallets per hour.

Qualified timber graders identify timber suitable for pallet production.