Savour the grace of this newly built horse arena, cradled in the picturesque NSW countryside near Orange.

Discover Elegance: Explore Our Exquisite Horse Arena in NSW Countryside near Orange. Crafted with Pentarch Forestry™ F27 Kiln Dried Mixed Hardwood, featuring Blackbutt and Spotted Gum species in diverse lengths, this newly built arena is a masterpiece awaiting your admiration

It’s designed to impress with its use of Pentarch Forestry™ F27 Kiln Dried Mixed Hardwood, including our Blackbutt and Spotted Gum species in varied lengths.

The equine residence is set to experience the exceptional allure of Kiln Dried hardwood, as it seamlessly blends into outdoor landscapes and is equally apt for exquisite indoor designs demanding minimal shrinkage.

Step up your game with our kiln-dried hardwood – a paragon of structural stability that resists warping and splitting much more effectively than its unseasoned counterparts.

With Pentarch Forestry™ F27 KD Hardwood, you get more strength, flexibility, and durability. It’s natural residence to fire (BAL 29) makes it a sound structural choice. On top of that, it’s sturdy, warp-resistant, and less likely to split than untreated types.

A special nod to M & R Cheney Timber and Transport Pty Ltd who supplied the goods for this passion project.

Ready to saddle up and embrace this timber marvel?