The Pentarch Group has grown by becoming a significant stakeholder in prefabricated house component construction company, Green Timber Technology (GTT).

GTT was established three years ago as part of a revolution in house construction, by fabricating walls, roofs and floors in a specialised factory to be delivered to home sites for assembly.

This new concept in housing construction reduces material waste, time lost through weather events, and labour costs when compared to onsite construction.

“Modular and prefab construction is a growing sector which the NSW Government has identified as a solution to ease the shortage of affordable housing by providing a steady supply of cost-effective housing components,” said Pentarch Executive Director Steve Dadd.

Mr Dadd will become Chair of the GTT board as part of the investment and said Pentarch’s existing infrastructure and manufacturing capability is aligned with GTT’s vision for the future.

“With our understanding of major capital projects and factory efficiency in softwood construction, Pentarch is positioned to propel GTT to the forefront of the prefabrication market,” he said.

“We already have in place supply capability with our Oberon softwood facility, close to the GTT location in Orange, NSW, and a network of stakeholders in the housing construction industry.

“It’s an exciting time in housing construction technology which meets an immediate challenge with our housing shortage crisis and Pentarch is proud to be a part of the solution.”

Prefabricated timber kits can be constructed with all the components, such as windows, insulation, electrical wiring and plumbing conduits, installed and flat-packed to be transported to new home sites.

Specialised machinery is incorporated to maximise the use of the plantation softwood and other materials which combine to create attractive and durable housing components.