Pentarch Forestry™ operates in most States of Australia.

Pentarch is a significant contributor to local and regional economies, employing local staff, engaging regionally based contractors and buying locally where possible.

The forest estate managed by Pentarch Forestry™ delivers significant environmental, social and economic benefits to the Southeast of NSW, East Gippsland Region in Victoria and throughout north west Tasmania.


  • Overall, land use change due to plantation and native forest operations has a positive impact on the region’s social and economic fabric.
  • Pentarch is a significant regional employer, providing a range of professional, technical and semi-skilled job opportunities.

Communicating with neighbours

  • Pentarch will notify neighbours and relevant authorities prior to the commencement of any operations that may impact on our neighbours. This would include: pesticide application, pest animal management, fire management and harvesting operations.
  • Pentarch will make every endeavour to contact those neighbours who do not live on their property prior to operations commencing.
  • Pentarch is not resident on the land that we manage. We therefore welcome having a close working relationship with our neighbours and other community groups on local land management issues.
  • Ownership and contact details for plantations are normally communicated via signs erected at strategic points along the boundaries.

How Do Neighbours Find Out More?

  • Pentarch will provide factual, comprehensive, accessible and up-to-date information to assist landholders, forest industry, local government and the community to better understand the role and impact of forestry on regional communities.
  • Requests for information relating to Pentarch’s forestry operations should be made to the regional offices or via the email inquiry on the Pentarch web site. The Forestry Manager will consider these requests to ensure the release of any information aligns with Pentarch’s policies and is not contrary to the Company’s commercial interests.  Photocopying of such documents will generally not be allowed.  Appointments to view information can be done through the regional offices.
  • If the information requested is about management activities on land with Joint Venture arrangements, approval of the Joint Venture partner will be required before any information is released.

Resolving Neighbour Concerns

  • If a neighbour has a concern, or even just a query, they should contact the local Pentarch staff member whose name and contact details will have been provided during initial neighbour consultations.
  • Pentarch pride ourselves in being responsive to neighbouring landowners’ queries and concerns and we seek, as far as is reasonably possible, to ensure that issues are resolved at the local level.

Pentarch is a certified forest manager and properties are added to the Defined Forest Area (DFA) once they are assessed as suitable and contractual agreements have been established with the landowner, giving Pentarch legal management control.

For further Information

Information can be found on the Pentarch website at or by contacting:

Pentarch Forestry™
Kings Garden Estate
Level 1, 99 Coventry Street
Southbank Victoria 3006 Australia
Ph: +61 3 9621 7900

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