Discover Devonport’s Breathtaking Parkland Transformation

In a groundbreaking moment for Devonport, the completion of stage 2 in the Council’s $17 million parkland overhaul stands as a testament to innovation and community-driven design. Unveiled in February 2023, this phase redefines recreational spaces and urban landscapes, offering a blend of functionality and natural allure.

At the heart of this revitalisation lies an array of attractions. The stage 2 development encompasses a theater, hotel, strategically positioned bus stops, vibrant children’s play areas, captivating water features, and a remarkable elevated walkway. This walkway, spanning a road and railway line, is an architectural marvel providing visitors with an unparalleled vista across the river and into the majestic Bass Strait.

Pentarch Forestry™ played a pivotal role in shaping this vision, collaborating closely with the architect, builder, and Mitre 10 since 2020. Their commitment to quality and sustainability introduced the F27 Kiln Dried Mixed Hardwood, featuring the distinctive Blackbutt and Spotted Gum species in varying lengths. This timber not only ensures structural integrity but also adds an aesthetic charm to the parkland.

The stage 2 parkland redevelopment epitomises Devonport’s evolution into a dynamic destination, blending innovation, natural beauty, and functional design. As visitors flock to experience its offerings, the parkland stands as a shining example of urban renewal, inviting all to revel in its splendor and setting the stage for a vibrant future in the region.

Despite substantial disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, Pentarch Forestry™ successfully supplied the timber within a demanding 6–12-month period in 2021-2022. Their dedication to the project’s success amid adversity ensured the timely completion of this ambitious redevelopment.