Hardwood cladding envelopes a building in a protective layer that adds the beauty and warmth of timber.


Hardwood cladding envelopes a building in a protective layer that adds the beauty and warmth of timber. Increasingly popular for commercial and domestic building finishes, hardwood cladding offers design freedom, ease of handling, a range of products and the natural beauty of Australian timber species.

Features & Benefits

Natural fire resistance

Can be used in bush-fire prone areas up to BAL 29 (dependent on species natural fire resistance, such as Blackbutt).

Interior / exterior use

Design flexibility for interior/exterior use for commercial and residential projects.

Flexible and resilient

Flexible and resilient to the stresses of foundation and natural seismic movements.

Long-lasting and durable

Provides a long-lasting and durable external surface.

Termite resistant

Some hardwood cladding species, such as Blackbutt, are naturally termite resistant.

Timber and steel framework

Designed for fixing to both timber and steel framework.

Applications & use

  • Decorative exterior wall lining
  • Durable exterior surface
  • Lightweight building structures
  • Residential buildings
  • Commercial buildings
  • Industrial buildings
  • Outdoor structures
  • Outdoor fences/walls

Profile & Dimensions

Shadow Cladding
125 x 19mm

Ship-Lap Cladding
128 x 19mm

Rusticated Cladding
127 x 19mm 
(Horizontal Direction Only)

80 x 12mm (Internal Use Only)

Board Lengths
Random length packs.
Lengths 900mm and greater.


Our hardwood cladding offers design freedom.


  • Utility
  • Standard & Better

Visit the Timber Grading page for further information.

  • Dressed, Seasoned (Kiln Dried)
  • Pre-Oiled (Special Order)

When an exterior pigmented stain or painted finish is chosen, one or two final coats should be applied in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations. Light coloured paints and stains are recommended.

Note: Where cladding is installed without the application of a surface coating, weathering of these products will occur.

The long-term performance of cladding is dependent on regular and effective maintenance. The frequency of maintenance will depend on the type of finish and the degree of exposure to the weather. Recoating and any further preparations should be carried out in accordance with the finish manufacturer’s specifications.

Please call 1800 818 317 for further care and maintenance information.

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