Australia’s largest hardwood timber and fibre producer

With the addition of Boral Timber in 2021 Pentarch Forestry™ grew to become Australia’s largest hardwood timber and fibre producer.

As our two entities came together, staff have travelled to visit their new colleagues, including a group from the mainland who visited the Massy Greene woodchip mill in Burnie recently.

The mill produces 450,00 tonnes of high-quality woodchips each year which goes to global markets where it is used to produce premium quality paper.

The group of mainlanders were able to see firsthand the scale and complexity of the machinery that processes wood into chips ensure they’re produced to the highest industry standard.

Among the group was Michael from Marketing and Cleo from Human Resources, who were impressed by the Burnie operation.

“You don’t get an appreciation for how efficient the process is until you see it for yourself,” Cleo said.

“To see every inch of the log being used to produce high-grade wood fibre with the fines going to garden mulch or animal bedding is peace of mind that nothing is wasted.”

The group had another purpose for travelling across Bass Strait, with Tasmania’s annual agriculture field days, AgFest on at the same time.

“We had a stand at the event where we could showcase some of the beautiful wood products our timber mills produce,” Michael said.

“One thing’s for sure, everyone loves Australian hardwood!”